No-surprise pricing for all service providers

Whether you want to implement QuantWifi on-premises or let us maintain it hassle-free on cloud, we got you covered with our fair pricing that is inclusive, no strings attached.

QuantWiFi Management and Optimization Platform

Monitor and improve the experience of broadband and WiFi customers. Ideal for operators and service providers for all sizes.



Have a question about pricing, licensing and support?

What is included in your licensing?

Our license includes all the QuantWifi features. For a list of QuantWifi features and capabilities, see this link.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes. Please get in touch with us so we can arrange a 60-day trial for you on cloud, so you can connect your modems and experience QuantWifi offerings.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is customized based on number of devices. There is no additional cost other than the per-device licensing model.

Do I have to self host QuantWifi?

QuantWifi can be deployed on-premises with ease, but we also offer it in a fully managed and dedicated cloud setting. In either case you’ll always get the same level of support from our experienced team.

Can we deploy QuantWifi ourselves?

Yes. We have a fairly easy installation and configuration process using containers, that can be followed with your devops team.

What integration options do you have for our support/reporting systems?

Our open, robust set of APIs can be leveraged easily by a service provider to monitor and provision their service. This way processes can be automated, and required integrations can be done with the help of QuantWifi APIs.

“Turk Telekom is proud to be part of collaboration with EcoNet, MediaTek, and QuantWiFi. This collaboration proves that Türk Telekom is fully committed to provide best solution for our subscribers at best performance.”

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